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We offer training and licensing to both new and experienced motorycle riders.

Current Specials

Advanced Skill Improvement Bundle $300

(Advanced RiderCourse & Ultimate Bike Bonding RiderCourse) Want to improve both low speed riding and higher speed cornering techniques?

The Advanced RiderCourse, a one day course with activities focusing on rider awareness and risk-management, plus hands-on riding exercises that aim to further develop both technique and judgment; the Ultimate Bike-Bonding RiderCourse is also a one day course, patterned after police training courses

Bundles must be purchased through office and cannot be combined with any other promotion

Take our 3-Wheel Basic RiderCourse for only $199!

If you've ever dreamed of an open road adventure, then a 3-wheel motorcycle course is your path to reality!

MSF Essential Core $500 (a $650 value)
Bundles must be purchased through office

The "Essential CORE," which the Motorcycle Safety Foundation recommends as the minimum training for every beginning rider, includes the Basic RiderCourse, which is the "gold standard" in novice rider training; the Basic Bike-Bonding RiderCourse, which features skill drills to help students better handle their own motorcycles; and the Street RiderCourse, which provides licensed riders with a controlled riding experience in the real-world environment of streets and highways.

MTA News

Basic RiderCourse Curriculum Change

We are extremely excited to announce that starting August 1, 2022 all BRC classroom sessions will be online!! By making all classroom content available online this will reduce your physical time requirement to only riding!

Did You Know...

Successful completion of either the Basic RiderCourse OR Experienced RiderCourse will waive all testing at the Colorado DMV for your motorcycle endorsement. Successful completion of the 3-Wheel BRC will waive all testing at the Colorado DMV for your 3-Wheel endorsement.